The special significance of Montacute

Montacute House was special, nestling in the shadow of the hill that gave Montacute its name. Coloured, constructed, cradled even by Stoke sub Hamdon, Ham Hill and their long histories. It lies just over 7 miles from Kingsbury and therefore, from Ralph's point of view, as local as you could get. I think he felt responsible for its well-being. (In his younger days he had been the foreman for the construction of the Methodist Chapel in Kingsbury where I had held my meeting with the villagers). Moreover it was just over 4 miles from Yeovil where I went to school. I was a great cyclist in those days - competitive road races - so 4 miles was just nothing. My happy sojourn in the Sixth form coincided with one of their busiest periods at Montacute. Yes, apart from its beauty and the appeal of the setting, Montacute House is special for me as indeed it was for Ralph Fry.